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By accessing or using this Site, you agree to these terms of use, conditions and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms you may not use this Site.

1. General Information

The term “FlightPlanet” on this agreement refers to the website, and “user” refers to you, the person who is using our service. Please take some time to read and understand our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

FlightPlanet reserves the right to deny the use of this website to anyone who does not comply with this agreement or uses the website in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner.

The terms of this agreement are subject to change without notice. This agreement supersedes and replaces all previous user agreements.

2. Disclaimer of Warranty

The information on these pages may be out of date, incomplete, or contain errors and is for informational purposes only. It is the user’s responsibility to judge the validity of the information and to decide whether or not to get into contact with other users or to complete a business transaction. Be careful with your dealings over the Internet and about what private information you disclose!

Any information provided directly on this website or indirectly through this website by hypertext link or otherwise is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind whether expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

In no event shall FlightPlanet be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or damages for loss of profits, revenue, programs, data or use, incurred by you or any third party, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, arising from your access to, use of or the inability to use this website, or reliance upon information obtained from or through this website.

FlightPlanet reserves the right to make changes, updates, or corrections to the information on this website at any time without notice.

3. Copyright Information and Hyperlinking

The material published on this website, including text and graphics, cannot be mirrored, distributed or used for commercial purposes without the prior agreement of FlightPlanet. This material can be printed, copied, or stored on your computer for personal use only, but cannot be modified or redistributed, and is protected by international copyright laws and conventions.

FlightPlanet supports the hyperlinking from other websites of the material contained on this website provided that it ensures the consistency and accuracy of the information made available. FlightPlanet does not warranty the exactness, or completeness of the information contained on this website or any other website.

FlightPlanet also enables third parties to place adverts and hyperlinks on its website for convenience of users. These linked sites and content are not controlled by FlightPlanet and accessing the third party website is entirely at the user’s risk.

4. Search Tool

The Search tool is provided for free use on this website. In order to increase the search tool hit rates, FlightPlanet recommends its customers to utilize precise keywords in their advertisement. FlightPlanet does not guarantee the accuracy, content, or quality of the information and FlightPlanet is not responsible for any malfunction of the search tool or incorrect search results, or search results containing unexpected, offensive or damaging content.

5. Placing Adverts

Placing adverts to FlightPlanet is free of charge for private sellers! 

Airplane Dealers can use a 6 month free trial period to submit an unlimited number of adverts.

Adverts run until you delete them yourself. There is no expiration date.

Though, adverts will be deleted automatically if you do not login for more than 6 months.

During the advert display time, the user may access the advert(s) at any time to make amendments or modifications to any parts of the advert. FlightPlanet is not responsible for advert errors caused by system crashes, expired or deleted information, or lost e-mail addresses or passwords.

By submitting advert to FlightPlanet, user complies with the following conditions:

  • Content of the adverts shall be kept up-to-date and aircraft should be described conforming to reality
  • FlightPlanet has the right to change or remove content of advert texts without prior notice, if reference is made to a different channel or website which acts within the field of trading or auctioning of third party goods.
  • One of the features of FlightPlanet is that new adverts will be placed on top of the list in the front page and as such made more visible for the potential buyers. The user is not allowed to delete an aircraft advert, with the goal of re-inserting the airplane again after deletion and placing it on top of the list in the front page. Re-positioning of an existing airplane advert on the front page is to be achieved by reducing the aircraft price in the existing advert. Aircraft which have actually increased in value, for instance after an overhaul, are exempted from this.
  • FlightPlanet has the right to change the content of advert texts without notification, if such improves the quality of the advert in the view of FlightPlanet.
  • User shall delete the adverts as soon as they are no longer valid, for instance if an airplane has been sold or has been withdrawn from the market.

6. Advert removal

FlightPlanet has the right to remove any advert from the site, without notice. Adverts can at any time become subject to removal, but will do so at least when

  • Contact information of the advertiser appears to be false.
  • The user has deleted an advert, with the goal of re-inserting the aircraft again after deletion and placing it on top of the list in the front page.
  • The same aircraft is advertised more than once.
  • The advert content is not related to aviation.
  • 6 months have passed since the user has last logged-in.
  • Advert has been submitted without permission of the actual aircraft owner.
  • An aircraft's price tag significantly exceeds a reasonable price range (for instance, if 30 years old Cessna 152 is being sold for 100.000 USD)

7. Contacting the Owner (responding to adverts)

Information contained on adverts is provided by the owner and FlightPlanet cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness, or validity. The prices may not include all charges (local taxes and other fees), and the user is responsible to verify the pricing information before proceeding with a transaction.

New and modified advert s may be monitored for content. It is the owner’s responsibility to display accurate information about the advert, including text and images. If the information is considered inappropriate or unacceptable, FlightPlanet reserves the right to make changes to, or delete specific elements of an advert, or the advertisement in its entirety.

When placing an advert, the user is required to provide some identifying information. Some of this personal information is disclosed to the public to help contact the owner. Please read our privacy policy for more information on what personal information is disclosed to the public.

The prices in different currencies listed on the website are for informational purposes only, and users should confirm the price with the owner before proceeding with a transaction. The owner of the advertisement must be ready to sell/rent an airplane at the listed price. FlightPlanet is not involved in transactions between any users on this site, but is only a means to get users in contact with one another. FlightPlanet does not guarantee that a user will pay for an airplane, or that a displayed advert is authentic and true. Please use your common sense and judgment when dealing with other people on this website.

8. Down-time

FlightPlanet will never be liable for down-time of the site. However, advertisers who have paid for commercial adverts, can under certain conditions apply for a refund. Refunds are applicable in cases of 24 hours or more of continuous down-time of the site. A refund will be proportionally to the period of down-time, and can never be higher than the amount which has been paid to for commercial advert.

By using this website, you, the user, agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.