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  (VAT free) € 22,000 view price in USD

2001 HALLEY Apollo Fox Rotax 912

Single-engine piston, LSA / Ultralight

HALLEY Apollo Fox 1
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Sandor Borbely Szabo

Hajduszoboszko, Hungary
Phone: +36 30 40 56 551
Web: http://www.flyhello.hu

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Last updated:10.04.2013
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HALLEY Apollo Fox 1 HALLEY Apollo Fox 2 HALLEY Apollo Fox 3 HALLEY Apollo Fox 4 HALLEY Apollo Fox 5 HALLEY Apollo Fox 6 HALLEY Apollo Fox 7

Year of construction:2001
Total time (TTAF):89 TT

General description:
The type of our plane is Apollo Fox ultralight.
The engine is a Rotax 912S/100PS which currently has 300 flight hours. This is a perfect, safe aeroengine which can be used for farther 1000 hours of flying, but after that you will have to renew it like in the case of any other aeroengines. The engine is very economical, it eats 12 litre an hour of normal 95 car petrol at the airspeed of 140 kilometre an hour. The plane has a release coupling mechanism so that it is perfect for towing gliders and airbanner towing, as well. At full speed it is able to rise 6 metres a second with two people onborad. The four bladed propeller is made of composite material. The chassis is a leaf-spring design. This is equipped with a raised vertical tail. In the Hungarian factory any piece part can be got for a cheap price. They might also carry out big servicing for a cheap price and in a short time.
Its flight controls is very good. It has the obligatory flight control devices and motor control devices. In addition, theres a gyroscopic turn indicator device which can be a great help while a cloud flight. The radio is a Bendix King flight radio professional type, which has an intercom that helps the internal communication between the pilots.
In the plane in both sides there is a joystick, a throttle and a foot steering, which make the jet perfect for educational purpose. I will also give you two pieces of Peltor small-scale but high-quality, sound-proof headset.
The plane is easy to transport even on the road with a smooth single-axle trailer. The wings can be reclined by only one person up in 20 minutes and it is ready to be transported. The interior design is sophisticated and beautiful, and not shabby. The hang-glider currently has 200 landings which I carried out on grass track. I want to sell the plane not because it is broken, but because I need some money. If I could, I would keep it. The new price of a similar plane with these equipment is 37,000 Euros. The reason why I?m selling it for this reasonable price is that I had a friend who is the owner in the factory, and he had a 2001 vintage truss frame which he sold me
for a cheap price. Of course, it had been officially flown and it was a perfect, little used frame. Every other piece part is brand new and was built in in 2011. If you really want a plane like this, you should have a look at it, I?m sure you will like it. It will be a good bargain! If you have any difficulties transporting the plane, I can help you with it, but before that you must come and try it, you won?t be


Airplane time:

Check out the pictures

Intercom, Peltor Headsets, Bendix King Radio, infos on the picture..
videlink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bgS0L102ptQ

More information:

€ 22,000   (VAT free)
view price in USD