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2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60

$ 4,500,000 € 4,029,370
(excl. 0% VAT)
2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60
2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 2010 SIKORSKY AH-60 Black Hawk UH-60

Aircraft information

Year of construction: 2010
Total time (TTAF): 0 (new)
Country: Florida (United States)
City/Aerodrome: Miami
Price: $ 4,500,000 / € 4,029,370 (excl. 0% VAT)

General description

Typical Empty Weight*: 10,387 - 11,253 lbs 4,711 - 5,104 kg
Max. Operating Weight*: 15,976 - 16,803 lbs 7,246 - 7,621 kg
Max. Take-Off Weight*: 22,000 lbs 10,000 kg
Cruise Speed*: 139 - 145 kts @ 4,000 ft and 95°F 257 - 268 kph
VNE Speed*: 193 kts
Vertical Rate of Climb*: 390 - 1,000 fpm 119 - 305 mpm
Service Ceiling*: 19,000 ft 5,791 m
HIGE*: 18,000 ft MSL at 25 C at 18,000 lbs
HOGE*: 18,000 ft MSL at 25 C at 16,400 lbs
Typical Range*: 300 nautical miles w/ 30 min. reserve 555 km w/ 30 min. reserve
Typical Endurance*: >3 Hrs.

Airplane time

? Construction: Aluminum monocoque structure
? Undercarriage: Conventional, non-retractable, main landing gear and tail-wheel assemblies
? Braking: Pilot or co-pilot activated, main landing gear and parking brake systems
? Cockpit: Pilot and co-pilot crashworthy seats with sliding ballistic armor panels
? Cabin: Provisions for eleven (11) troop seats, and two (2) gunner/crew chief seats
? Accessories: First-Aid kits (3), portable fire extinguishers (2), and crash axe (1)
? Options*: Cargo hook


? Manufacturer: General Electric
? Model No.: T700-GE-700 (2)
? Inter. Rated Power*: 1,561 shp @ SL-STD conditions, 30 minutes max.
? Max. Continuous Power*: 1,318 shp per engine
? OEI Power*: 1,561 shp per engine Aux. Power Unit (APU)
? Manufacturer: Honeywell
? Model No.: GTCP36-150[BH]

Garmin G500H
ICS: C-6533/ARC
UHF: RT-1518C AN/ARC-164
ELT: 406-HM
Garmin GTN 750


Main Rotor: Articulated, main rotor head consisting of titanium hub,elastomeric bearings, lead-lag dampers, and passive vibration absorbers Ballistic ally tolerant, main rotor blades (4) constructed from titanium and composite materials
Tail Rotor: Tail rotor head consisting of flex beams, and elastomeric BEARINGS Ballistic tolerant, tail rotor blades (4) constructed from titanium and composite materials
Main Gearbox: Transmission consisting of main module (1), input modules (2), and accessory modules (2); rated to 2,828 shp
Intermediate Gearbox: Transmission providing 1 : 0.806 speed reduction between MGB output and TGB input
Tail Gearbox: Transmission providing 1 : 0.359 speed reduction and power to tail rotor system
Drivetrain: Ballistic tolerant driveshaft?s (7), hangar bearings, and couplings interconnecting main, intermediate, and tail gearboxes; integral MGB oil cooler

Standard fuel system: Two (2) crashworthy and ballistic tolerant, internal fuel tanks permitting cross- feeding and pressure refueling
Standard fuel capacity: 360 gals / 1,363 l total
Opt. internal aux. cap.: 200 gals / 757 l total, when equipped with aftermarket system
Opt. external aux. cap.: 900 gals and/or 460 gals total, when equipped with External Stores Support System (ESSS)

Cockpit: Ballistic tolerant and redundant, mechanical pilot and co-pilot flight controls; AFCS.
Upper Deck: Redundant 3,000 psi hydraulic system consisting of Systems #1, #2, and back-up; Leak Detection and Isolation

Upper deck: Redundant, alternating current electrical system; 30/45 KVA
Generators (2) providing 3 independent phases and 115/200 VAC, 400 Hz power
AC primary bus load converted to 28 VDC; APU generator rated at 20/30
KVA provides 3 phase, 115 VAC, 400 Hz power

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